Korea Floating Wind signs an MOU with Ulsan Fisheries Cooperatives and local fishermen’s communities

Korea Floating Wind, one of the five developers involved in the Ulsan floating offshore wind project site, signed a cooperation agreement with the Ulsan floating offshore wind power fishermen’s countermeasures committee, and Ulsan Suhyup(National Federation Fisheries Cooperatives), accelerating the construction of what is anticipated to be the world’s largest floating offshore wind farm cluster.

On 23rd of April, the parties involved gathered at the Ulsan Chamber of Commerce and Industry to sign the agreement, which aims to expedite the project by fostering cooperation throughout all phases of development, including but not limited to conducting onshore and offshore surveys, acquisition of permits and approval, securing resident support during construction, operation and maintenance. This partnership is expected to minimize development time and facilitate quicker project progression, generating clean energy from the offshore wind cluster.

A key focus of the agreement is to strengthen community relations and develop a cooperative model between developers and fisheries to solidify this relationship, which includes engaging stakeholders in a joint study for a win-win existence program.

Austin Park Project Director of KF Wind and currently serving as the Chairperson of Ulsan Floating Offshore Wind Association expressed optimism that this agreement will serve as a model for community-focused development and contribute significantly to the regional economy. At the ceremony, he said “the Ulsan floating offshore wind project sites, which include KFW and EBP projects, will make Korea a global floating wind farm operator, making significant contributions to Korea’s Nationally Determined Contribution(NDC) targeting at least 30% of renewable energy by 2036, achieving carbon neutrality and strengthening energy security.”

The 5 Ulsan floating offshore wind projects, located about 60-100km east of Ulsan in Korea’s Exclusive Economic Zone, plans to have a total capacity of up to 6.2 GW.

In April last year, five project developers launched the Ulsan Floating Offshore Wind Power Council to facilitate smoother cooperation among developers and stakeholders, with the Ulsan Chamber of Commerce as a special member.

The developers, backed by global renewable energy companies include OW Ocean Winds

and Mainstream Renewable Power for KFW and EBP Projects.

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