KF Wind performs Beach Clean-up Activity in Commemoration of Ocean Arbor Day in Korea

Aligned with Ocean Arbor Day on May 10th, employees from KF Wind gathered at Nasa Beach in Ulju County, Ulsan, to conduct a beach clean-up activity.

[Press Release Date: May 10, 2024 (Friday)]
KF Wind announced on May 10th that its employees   gathered at Nasa Beach in Ulju County on the 9th, a day before the Ocean Arbor Day, to contribute to creating a clean beach environment while practicing environmental responsibility for the oceans.
Ocean Arbor Day in Korea, designated as a national commemorative day in February 2013, falls on May 10th annually to protect the collapsing marine ecosystem due to marine pollution and rising sea temperatures.
On this day, about 20 employees of KFWind gathered at the Nasa Beach to collect waste  , aiming to protect the marine and coastal ecosystems, which serve as vital grounds for the lives of Ulju county residents of Ulsan City, and for the sustainable future of South Korea.
The various types of trash collected that day, including PET bottles and various types of waste left behind by visitors, will undergo recycling or disposal processes.
Through this company-wide cleanup event, KFWind reaffirmed its commitment to sustainable growth in the local community and marine environmental protection and will participate in various ocean support activities in the future.

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