(Notice) Electricity Business License for East Blue Power

Public notice for resident acceptance of stock acquisition for offshore wind power project

Article 7 of the Electricity Utility Act and Article 4-2 of the Enforcement Decree of the same Act, the following announcement is made to listen to the opinions of residents and others due to changes in the shareholder composition and shareholding of the offshore wind power generation project .

1. Business overview

(1) Name of power plant : Ulsan East Blue Power (EBP) Offshore Wind Power Complex

(2) Location : 90km east of Ulsan

(3) Project area : approximately 80km2 ( 1 location with a radius of 5km )

2. Main contents of power generation project

(1) Facility capacity : 450MW

(2) Projected business start date

(3) Business operation period

3. Applicant for power generation business license : CEO of East Blue Power Co., Ltd.

4. Period and method for submitting opinions

(1)Submission Period: Oct 20, 2021 to November 2, 2021

(2)How to submit opinions : Fill out the available forms at Ulsan City and submit in writing

(3)Opinion content : Matters related to collecting residents’ opinions related to

5. Contact : 052-227-5400

2021. 10. 20.

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