KF Wind Builds on Localized Expertise and Leadership by Appointing Jang-ho Park as New Project Director

Jang-ho Park, the new Project Director of KF Wind

KF Wind Builds on Localized Expertise and Leadership by Appointing Jang-ho Park as New Project Director

Korea Floating Wind (KF Wind) has appointed Jang-ho Park as the new Project Director to support the continued development of the floating offshore wind farm project off the coast of Ulsan.

With more than 40 years of experience, Jang-ho Park has been recognized for his expertise and leadership in various fields including construction, heavy industry, and renewable energy. He served as executive vice president of the offshore and engineering division at Hyundai Heavy Industries and senior executive vice president at Sejin Heavy Industries.

Park has a deep knowledge of the offshore wind project as he has served as a senior advisor to KF Wind since 2021. Park successfully led the planning of floating foundation manufacturing, turbine integration, mooring, and offshore installation, and has contributed to KF Wind’s continued growth. His vast experience and expertise in marine structure manufacturing and offshore installation, and his close network with domestic supply chain companies will play a vital role in the progression of the project and the realization of what will be the first large-scale commercial floating wind development in the world.

Park said, “The role of offshore wind power in Korea, an export-oriented country, is critical to achieving greenhouse gas reduction and the Renewable Energy 100(RE100) objectives globally. The creation of a large-scale floating offshore wind farm in Ulsan, attracting attention from around the world, can achieve economies of scale along with manufacturing and power generation cost reduction. This will enable overseas export of substructures produced in Korea, revitalize the local economy, and position Korea as a global hub for floating offshore wind power technology in the world.”

Jang-ho Park will lead the KFWind team organized by industry experts to deliver the project, headquartered in Ulsan.

Guzman Figar, KF Wind’s former Project Director, will continue to support KF Wind’s project development as Country Manager for Ocean Winds in Korea, the majority shareholder of KF Wind.