ESG Management


ESG Management

ESG Management

Invest in people

Currently, we have more than 20 employees in Korea based in Korea Floating Wind’s offices in Ulsan and in Seoul. We expect to grow up to 100 in the coming years.

Our highly skilled team of workers have received technical training from the top leaders in the worldwide offshore wind industry.

Korea Floating Wind is looking for new talent in the most prestigious local universities.

Foster Local Industry

Korea Floating Wind is going to invest over 5 billion USD $ on the offshore wind project. A high percentage of the investment will go directly to local companies based on Ulsan and national firms in Korea.

The most effected industries from this large investment from Korea Floating Wind will be: Turbine Manufacturing, Shipbuilding, Ports, Electrical Equipment, Steel Industry and many others.

Korea Floating Wind is working with the most experienced and qualified Korean Developers and International developers to develop the localization plan.

Coexistence with ohter Marine industries

Korea Floating Wind and the representatives from the local fisherman are working closely together in developing the project in a manner that is sustainable with fishing activities.

Korea Floating Wind is also working with local fishermen so they can provide specific services to the project.

Respect the Environment

Korea Floating Wind project will generate 4,000 GWh every year of clean energy.

Korea Floating Wind is using a pioneering technology based on floating foundations that will reduce the possible impacts on the marine life.

Korea Floating Wind has already started the Enviromental Impact Assesment, following the most demanding standards. The project is designed to have the lowest impact to the environment as possible.